A Story of Quality Production

National Beef®‘s growing success in the fashion business has been a direct result of our advanced know-how, innovative technology, and many years of success in the farming and meat production business.

As the fourth largest beef processor in the United States, we deliver every day on our promise that quality is the hallmark of who we are and what we do. We understand firsthand that high quality and damage-free leather begins with high quality cattle. That is why in addition to superior management practices, we have established unique alliances with a select group of American ranchers. They work to minimize scratches and other hide defects by raising and handling their cattle with special care.

This strict control of quality continues in the two state-of-the-art beef processing facilities we own in the United States. All of our hides are exclusively sourced from these plants and then processed within our U.S. based, state-of-the-art leather processing facility. While experience taught us that improved hide processing enhances hide value, we knew that our goal of delivering a higher level of hide consistency had never been achieved before in this country.

That’s why we developed our own best-in-class wet blue technology.

This innovative process has resulted in consistent, superior quality leather with clean and smooth grain, reduced veining and retained fine enamel. Flat hides are produced for better cutting yield and enhanced dye absorption. All this enables you to improve your own process efficiency and reduce your costs. 
This craftsmen’s devotion to perfection has also driven us to develop a system of tight selection, specifications and precision splitting on grains that is second to none.

We are also leading the way by ensuring that customers receive the quality of leather they ordered. Bottom line, from our beef business to our leather business, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Beef Processing Facilities

  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Liberal, Kansas

Wet Blue Hide Processing Facilities

  • National Beef Leathers, St. Joseph, Missouri