National Beef Leathers

The National Beef® tannery in St. Joseph, Missouri is the largest, most technologically advanced wet blue leather facility in the world.

By obtaining our hides exclusively from the National Beef processing facilities located in Dodge City and Liberal, Kansas, we are able to provide customers a consistent and quality product. Each of these beef processing facilities use back-to-back green fleshing systems to increase the consistency in our hide supply, which sets the foundation for a high-quality end product.

Our wet blue leather facility contains a proprietary drum infrastructure, consisting of forty drums, a control center system that monitors every aspect of the plant, and a hide handling system that provides production efficiency. These, along with a fully automated production process, play a key role in eliminating subjectivity and human error.

Essential environmental upgrades to our existing systems ensure the sustainability, cleanliness and overall safety of the plant.

Our unique and innovative system for wet blue processing guarantees a consistent, high-quality end product produced in a world-class processing facility that is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant.