Flexible Table Run

We Offer Customers More Choices

We understand that creating the highest possible quality finished leather products requires a consistent supply of the highest possible quality American leather hides. As the new generation of leather makers, we take great pride in crafting our product to fit the varied needs of our customers.

At National Beef®, we pay homage to the craftsmanship of the past, but operate with the most advanced processes seen in the industry today. Our innovative Wet Blue process provides a superior advantage in chemical and physical properties, that are highly valued in most finished leather goods. Our new table run offering provides consistent quality and supply, which allows our customers the flexibility to use the entire pallet to create products as diverse as automotive seat leather, footwear and leather accessories. Table run grains split to various thicknesses, available upon request.*

Our table run Wet Blue offering is available in three full substance weight categories:

  1. Heifer (lights) (WB avg. 40 lbs.+)
  2. Heavy (WB avg. 50 lbs.+)
  3. Jumbo (WB avg. 65 lbs.+)


*Table grain split to specified thickness available on request.