About National Beef Leathers

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

National Beef® is a leader and innovator in the Wet Blue Leather processing industry. We begin with the highest quality cattle, sourced from our long-standing alliance of American Midwest ranchers, who take pride in caring for their cattle, allowing us to provide a reliable supply of the premium Wet Blue Leather to our customers. Most cattle are procured from within a 300-mile radius of our two beef processing plants, and the fresh hides are brought to our tannery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The National Beef tannery is the largest, most technologically advanced Wet Blue processing facility in the world. We use technology to standardize our Wet Blue process from start to finish, and are continuously monitoring, testing and upgrading our processes, to provide our customers with the most consistent, premium Wet Blue Leather every time.

From our secure source of premium cattle, our innovative processing and plant technology, and our commitment to environmental responsibility, we are proud to deliver quality, consistent and premium Wet Blue Leather, with every shipment, every day.